Do You Know About The Internodal Bypass Tracts?
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EKG Findings


Bachman's Bundle

Conduction tissue from the SA node branching off of the internodal pathway and into the left atrium .  The posterior internodal pathway is also called Bachmann's Fibers. This is the normal pathway for depolarizing the left atrium.  
Bundle of Kent
Muscle tissue found in the right or left atrium crossing the annulus fibrosis.
Delta wave


James Fibers

The conduction tissue found at the internodal junction allows energy to bypasses the AV node.

There is a short PRI, which may initiate tachycardias, but generally there is no delta wave.


Mahaim Fibers

Conduction tissue found at the common bundle that inserts into the ventricular myocardium.

The typical delta wave is present.



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