How to Maintain Commercial Landscaping During Winter

The perception of the public is a major factor in your success as a business owner. The advantages of appealing commercial landscaping can often be neglected. However, they’re vital. Keeping an attractive landscape is vital to keeping customers and clients, creating a presentable and professional environment, and attracting new customers. 

Unfortunately, commercial landscaping is a complicated task that can be hard to maintain. Your grass, shrubs, and gardens are flourishing throughout the summer and spring season until the cold months come in.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to maintain your commercial landscaping during winter with the help of landscaping companies. 

Turn Off and Drain Sprinkler System 

You’ve got to ensure that you drain the sprinkler system and turn it off during the cold months once temperatures get right above the freezing level. Your pipes can possibly freeze or burst if the water is left inside it. If this happens, you might need a new system installed. 

Maintain Ice and Snow 

Ice and snow can generate a major liability. Almost every property owner knows this. Aside from putting individuals at risk of slipping if it’s left neglected, it could also damage your landscaping. Snow and ice can cause irreversible damage if they are left to pile up. Of course, you might have to redo your landscape if this happens. Thus, simply keep in mind to constantly get rid of and manage snow and ice throughout winter. This will help you prevent landscape or liability problems. 

Get Rid of Invasive Plants and Weeds 

You spend so much time regulating and getting rid of weeds on your property during the summer and spring seasons. To tackle this issue, you can take advantage of the cold months and you’ll be able to better control pests and weeds. Your plants, shrubs, and trees will be free from pests to flourish if spring comes back around. In addition to that, it will also encourage long-term health for the plants.  

Wrap Your Plants, Shrubs, and Trees 

You may want to think about wrapping them for protection against the severe cold weather conditions if your commercial landscaping is filled with shrubbery. This is particularly vital if you’ve planted recently new plants or trees. The reason for this is that young plants are more vulnerable to damage. You can use burlap to easily wrap the plant’s base. You can also utilize other unique materials to offer additional protection. 


It is the ideal time to apply some fertilizer once you aerate your grass. Early winter or late fall fertilization will encourage deep rooting, improve the growth of the plant for spring, and help resist winter damage. It’s suggested that you use a fertilizer high in nitrogen for ideal fall or winter results.  

Aerate the Grass 

One ideal method to enhance your grass’s overall health is to aerate it. It also helps in preparing the grass for the cold months. Furthermore, aeration will help get rid of the thatch layer and stir up the soil while helping fertilizers to seep in properly.